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Compression clothing has been recommended to patients post surgery for over a century to improve recovery and minimize muscle bruises. Studies have proven that compression applied on the surface of your body increases blood circulation around your muscles, moves blood quicker to your heart and provides muscle stability.

As a result:

> You increase your fitness performance

> You reduce soreness and muscle injury

> You minimize muscle oscillation and vibration

> You improve your recovery time
> Before and during sports to warm up your muscles, prevent muscle oscillation, for more power and endurance

> Post-activity for muscle recovery after exercise as it helps flush out lactic acid faster

> When standing up on hard surface for extended hours to prevent varicose veins and feel stronger on your legs

> During long flights to minimize swelling and reduce the effects of jet lag as well as lower risks of Deep vein thrombosis
Our body’s venous blood system delivers oxygenated blood to the muscles and returns used blood to the heart. The veins returning used blood to the heart sit closer to the skin’s surface. This is the reason why you sometimes see darker or blue veins near the surface.

Caliloko compression sportswear applies pressure to these veins, accelerating the blood flow back to the heart. Caliloko’s technology is uniquely designed following our body’s muscles and applies compression where we need it most to accelerate blood flow. As a result, you get more oxygen to your working muscles – boosting your performance.

Better blood flow also helps your body to get rid of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes – which helps you work at a higher rate for longer. Plus, improved oxygenation reduces the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness and accelerates muscle repair. Caliloko’s technology also plays an important role in helping you recover post exercise.
Caliloko is different because our unique features work so well together. Plus, the benefits are backed by research.

Discover more about our technology here.

Caliloko’s benefits include:

- Comfortable 4-way stretch following body mapping structures
- Less lactic acid build-up, more muscle oxygenation – and better circulation
- More muscle power
- Sweat wicking fabrics – to move moisture away from the skin
- Anti-chafing seamless knitting
- Anti-bacterial properties
Temperature control, whether it’s hot or cold
- UV protection 50+
Choosing the correct Caliloko size is so important. It ensures you receive the maximum benefits. Please know that if you desire more compression, you simply choose a size down, if you are looking for less compression, you simply choose a size up. It all depends on your athletic goals and the feeling of compression that you want. If you have questions, contact us and we will be very happy to guide you in a very timely manner. We also have a chat box on our web site that you can use to ask your questions.

Each Caliloko product has a different size chart to determine the most appropriate compression you need. Therefore, you absolutely have to refer to the size chart specific to the product you’re interested in. You’ll find suggested sizes on our product pages. If you are not happy with the fitting, don’t worry, we will exchange the size.

When I received Caliloko compression, the products seemed so small. I feel that I can hardly fit in them.

Caliloko compression tights and sleeves are elastic and flexible, and can triple their 4 way lengths.

How do I avoid ripping the product when I put them on?

Even though the product is solid and can triple its size when you put them on, the seams can only be stretched 1.5 times their size. As a consequence, if the fabric is pulled too much, especially in the seam areas, it can cause rips, just like panty hose would.
Caliloko’s compression takes longer to put on. Once it is on, it feels amazing! Caliloko’s compression technology fabrics feel tighter than other sportswear too. It is what you should expect from real compression technical wear.
Using premium quality yarn, Caliloko’s fabrics have extraordinary lightweight volume and offer maximum softness and hydration. Our products are designed to optimally and naturally regulate your body’s temperature and manage your sweat accurately, allowing your muscles to function efficiently during intense activities. Created and designed in the US, our fabrics are knitted with industrial machines specifically focused on seamless and compression manufacturing. Using top premium yards from Italy we knit in different countries including Portugal and Taiwan.
- Hand or machine wash cold with like colors, preferably in a mesh wash bag

- Gentle cycle

- Air dry

- Do not use any fabric softener or bleach

- Do not iron
No. Even though spandex or lycra (which are brand names) have become a vastly used expression to describe elastic fabrics, the fabric we created is industrially knitted and unique to Caliloko. Nothing compares. Our premium fabrics provide the stretch and recovery standards needed for graduated compression. We don’t cut the fabric in many places like other brands do, hence the seamless technology.
The performance, recovery, and lifestyle benefits of Caliloko have all followed independent research. The scientific community has done many types of studies. Research results show that compression sportswear such as Caliloko vastly reduces the build-up of lactic acid immediately after periods of sustained exercise. This allows for a more rapid return to normal levels and minimizes delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Furthermore, many of our customers tell us that compression works for them, read more here.
While we produce products that look great and support your body, our customers choose Caliloko because we aim at making you feel stronger and recover faster. So, not only will you look great, but you’ll also know that the product is helping you. With Caliloko, you can have a comfortable pair of real compression tights that look great, benefit you and provide a performance benefit.
Whether you wear Caliloko during a physical activity or post workout, the compressive effect prevents muscles from oscillating (which can create micro-tears) and overextending (which can cause injury*).

Your muscles vibrate when you exercise, run and jump, which can make you feel more tired and less powerful. Caliloko is industrially knitted and finished by hand to ensure our tights hold your muscles against your body in the right places to help reduce this vibration and improve muscle focus and awareness (proprioception). Other sportswear have static compression (similar tightness everywhere) – and don’t support your muscles in the same way Caliloko does.
Yes. Caliloko’s technical graduated compression contributes to speed up recovery by allowing more oxygen to your muscles when you are resting. Our compression also helps to eliminate delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).
Garments purchased through our online store can be returned within 30 days of purchase, provided that Caliloko clothing is in original and sellable condition. To organize the return of an online purchase, please submit a request here: providing us with your order number or if you lost it, provide us with the email you used to make your order, and the reason(s) for your exchange or return request.
- Orders placed with Ground shipping will ship within 1 to 2 business days. Please note that orders placed after 2:00 PM EST on Friday or over the weekend will ship on the following Monday (excluding major holidays), depending on order volume.

- Expedited and Overnight orders placed by 2:00PM EST Monday to Friday will be shipped the same day. Please note that Expedited and Overnight orders placed after 2:00PM EST on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday will ship on the following Monday (excluding major holidays).

- On occasion, orders are held to be reviewed by our team; these orders may be subject to shipment delays.
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