Why Caliloko?

Founded in 2018, Caliloko is a technical sportswear brand specializing in women's and men's compression clothing. We proudly present performance and functional clothing for all athletes. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends and implementing suggestions made by our valued customers, we make sure to be the disruptive innovator in compression sportswear. Designed and born in the USA, our seamless line is manufactured in domestically in the USA and abroad, in Portugal and Taiwan.

What we stand for

Blending high-fashion edge with the latest Compression Technology, Caliloko sportswear helps boost your performance, avoid muscle injury, minimize soreness and sculpt your body in style.

Compression technology

We’re committed to providing amazing quality compression wear for athletes around the world. Our body mapping designs, adopting the natural anatomy to create proper compression levels on different muscle groups, are what sets us apart. Our sensational textures made with premium yarns from Italy are simply impossible to replicate. Just after one try our athletes realize how stronger they feel during their competitions.

Seamless Fabrics

To ensure a high standard of quality, we have chosen to work with the best manufacturers of seamless technology here in the USA and abroad in Portugal and Taiwan who are using refined production processes. Caliloko is made with the perfect combination of high quality yarns and knitted with seamless technology allowing flexible crosswise and lengthwise stretch. As a result, you can move comfortably during high impact activities. We carefully designed each product using the right level of compression for your active or recovery goals.

Sweat Wicking

Caliloko’s fabric was designed to optimally and naturally regulate your body’s temperature and manage your sweat accurately, allowing your muscles to function efficiently during intense activities. Using premium quality yarn, our products have extraordinary lightweight volume and offer maximum softness and hydration.


Caliloko’s seamless performance fabric, tag-less clothing line and flat seams will save you from chafing. There is nothing worse than going on a long run or performing high intensity activities, and feeling unwanted friction on your skin.


It is natural to have bacteria on our skin. When exercising, healthy skin microbes are transferred to the fabric. With normal nylon fibers, these bacteria can proliferate and grow very quickly, leading to bad smelling clothes. Caliloko is made with the most advanced mix of intelligent polyamide. This premium yarn has inherent silver micro-particles, ensuring that no bacteria can grow in your Caliloko clothes — maintaining the natural balance of your skin and reducing unpleasant odors.

UPF Sun Protection

Caliloko was born in sunny California and Florida where we understand the importance of sun protection. We know quite well that working out in the sun can damage the skin and can unfortunately increase the aging process much faster. Our fabrics protect you from the UV rays, allowing you to workout and practice your favorite outdoor sports without worrying about the sun.

Thoughtfully Designed

Our designs are created by our Founder, Nathalie de Champlain, an athlete herself who has at heart the desire to help others perform strong and recover fast. Our seamless compression wear and lounge wear provide better fit and support thanks to the unique structure and construction of the clothing line. They hug your body perfectly without gaps or spaces, which prevents chafing and even enhances your beautiful silhouette even more. With Caliloko you give your body the support it needs to perform better and recover quickly.

Born in Boca Raton Florida and founded by French Canadian athlete, Nathalie de Champlain, Caliloko passionately offers athletes and active people a high quality and stylish technical performance sportswear to help them speed up their recovery in no time, minimize injury and soreness, and perform stronger.

Not just another sportswear, but innovative and advanced compression body mapping designs that boost your confidence to run faster, jump higher or train harder without muscle pain, cramping or micro tears.

Functionally fashionable, this clothing line is comfy and feels like a second skin.

Made and designed with absolute love, Caliloko helps people feel strong and look amazing.

Redefining the standards of women’s and men’s activewear, Caliloko incorporates compression technology to support athletes as they exercise.

Engineered to provide figure flattering shaping, the designs are beautiful and technical. With UV protection UPF 50+, the fabrics keep your body cool even during the most intense activity. Plus, the premium odor control and fast drying yarn keeps you feeling fresh.

OUR VISION — With Caliloko, you wear compression with confidence, knowing that you also can look absolutely amazing. It will get you to perform stronger, recover faster and embrace your active lifestyle.

YOUR BENEFITS — Based on the medical notion that compression firms up your body and contributes to stimulating blood circulation, Caliloko is designed to help you boost your athletic results, prevent muscle injury and get back at it faster.

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